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A homeless man is befriended by a mysterious little girl who seems to be able to appear and disappear at will.

Cinereach REACH Film Fellowship 2011


Feeling set adrift in her own marriage, Anna corners her estranged husband Milo for a conversation about the nature of love and commitment, but ends up getting far more truth than she bargained for.

AFI/DWW 2010


When recovering alcoholic Jane’s childhood habit of sleepwalking suddenly reappears, the line between her waking and dreaming lives becomes blurred. As the divide between the two realities expands, her relationships, as well as her sanity begin to suffer.

DRINKING BUDDY (music video)

For musical artist David Clement.  Starring Mary Louise Burke.  Featuring Dan Safer, Sean Donovan and Sam Pinkleton.  Choreography by Dan Safer.  Cinematography by Chase Bowman.

EXQUISITE CORPSE (experimental)

A collaboration between multiple NYC-based video artists to create a video version of the surrealist drawing game where each participant draws part of a person without seeing what the others have drawn. 

ENTRE FEMMES (experimental)

Inspired by Claude Chabrol's 1968 ode to queer culture, "Les Biches" (Bad Girls), the project is an examination, imitation and infiltration of an early filmic foray into hot girl on girl action.  With Kourtney Rutherford and Alison Folland.



{2013 Academy Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship Semi-Finalist}

After a brilliant but troubled young scientist almost dies underwater, she sets out to comprehend her uncanny survival by re-enacting her own near death experience with the help of the woman whose lover she inadvertently killed, spiraling down a surreal path of self-destruction when she becomes addicted to drowning.

Writer/ Director: Kaz Phillips Safer

Producer: Jennifer Glynn


{  Behold, The Kickos! }


When Anastasia Kicko’s career con-artist mother and sister show up at her Brooklyn apartment insisting she join them for a lavish tropical vacation, she agrees only to put distance between them and her new family.  Won over by her mother’s insistence that all she wants is a chance to make up for her past mistakes, Ani’s guard slowly lowers.  But as she digs deeper into the truth of what’s going on, she finds herself at the center of a devious, multi-decades long con where the victim stands to be hurt worse than any before.  In order to make things right, Ani must call upon her own extraordinary confidence abilities and turn the tables on Lela before anyone else’s life-- including her own-- is summarily destroyed.

Writer/ Director: Kaz Phillips Safer

Producer: Jennifer Glynn



Two men move to a small town with trepidation about the reaction of the locals, only to find that their neighbors are not your average yokels.

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WHIP IT (music video)

For Brooklyn-based rock band CLINICAL TRIALS.  Starring Somer Bingham and Vanessa Koppel.  Shot, directed and edited by Kaz Phillips Safer.  Choreography by Dan Safer.



A sci-fi dystopian drama in the vein of Children of Men, or The Road.  In the near future, methods have been devised for the instant diagnosis of psychopathy/ sociopathy, a behavioral neurotype-- “Type 6”-- that is believed to be the bane of a healthy, productive society.  A mysterious young woman named Carys finds herself at the center of an uprising of a T6 rebel underground, as the horrifying realities of what the government have been doing with and to the T6 population begins to come to light.

Writer: Kaz Phillips Safer